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To Expect Or Not To Expect by Rev. Cedric John

CedTo Expect Or Not To Expect

When a believer walks with a deflated spirituality he inevitably integrates life with activities that distract him, leaving him spiritually depleted and regressive. Such integration can be subtle and unobvious. For an example, he might live out his faith in dim illumination and hence stumbles with no solid doctrinal position. Christianity becomes superficial, professing religious clichés and empty pursuits. An evidence of this tendency is the willing endorsement of personal prophetic messages by self-imposed prophets. I often see how the infallible, perfect, transformative Word of God, with the highest potential for life change is ignored and instead the messages of these self-imposed prophets are embraced. These messages often lack biblical support and instead the recipient is left unguided as he awaits the fulfillment with empty anticipation.

We are reminded ESV 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

There is absolutely no substitute for the purity of God’s word which is most profitable for life. God had predetermined the direction of our lives and to find its highest value is to diligently, determinately and resolutely align our lives to it. Consider His word as unceasingly authoritative for all of life. Obedience that flows out of a biblical lifestyle is the only formula for a fulfilling life. All of life hinges in the centrality of the Cross which amplifies the mandate for holiness and sanctification. We diminish the significance of the Triune Deity by declaring God’s blessings, prosperity, anointing and health and yet devaluating the absoluteness of obedience. Dare we not approach the throne of God with expectation if our lives are not demonstrating a simultaneous level of holiness!!

The modern church is influenced by a liberal form of motivationalism that somehow presents God as a loving Being who desires nothing else but to bless His children independent of progressive maturity. These motivators declare, speak and profess abundance in people’s life but rarely highlight the most fundamental of all virtues i.e. the virtue to love God through diligent, sacrificial obedience. They articulate authority and sadly violate the forerunner’s humility when he said of Christ “I must decrease and He must increase”. God will only bless those whom he willed, to the measure and substance He willed. No public declaration as convincing as can be, can manipulate the will of God. Martyrs died, with quivering lips and unimaginable pain, they professed faith in Jesus Christ never desiring to be materially blessed but instead to be counted as those who willingly laid down their life for their greatest Love. True love is sacrificial. It is to love without expectation; to know that the greatest privilege is to love the One who loves immeasurably. The final reward is eschatological. It is an eternal existence amongst the celestial where the reward for the earthly obedience is beyond the imagination of all collective humanity. The progressive believer must aim for eternity and its unimaginable inheritance. A materialistic life on earth is not a clear evidence of biblical obedience.

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