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“In Christ” by Rev. Cedric John


“In Christ”

The grand sufficiency of Christ, a master design for human fragility, made available to the one who seeks steadfastly the virtues of life in Christ. The Pauline description intends to stress the vastness of potential yet finds only two words relevantly applicable – “in Christ”. The preposition combined with the grandest subject of all offers humanity an opportunity for life changing transformation, holistic and complete. When a person accepts Christ earnestly he finds himself in the most liberating space by a new and refreshing replacement. Theologically he is in Christ; experientially he connects to Deity in profound ways.

A fundamental transaction takes place, mortality changes into immortality. The change is instantaneous, eternally preserved and never to be reversed. God condescends into the heart of that immortal soul and gradually enables it to liven itself to heavenly potentials wherewith he bathes in revitalizing truths for refreshment and purity. The gradual cleansing begins, progressive and true; taking control over his soul to which he gladly succumbs as appropriates wisdom from loving Deity. The journey also begins, a purposed trip destined to pass through that pearly gates where life then only begins. But what happens now, as he lives life in this sin stained world? The prince of the power of the air still sits supremely on his generic throne. Despite the ravages of sin, its nearness and prevalence, this immortal soul is destined for immortality with the heavenliest. He will struggle, feeling the weighty sins, hard pressing and damaging and yet he rises each time to embrace new opportunities dismantling before him through the vehicle of sanctification.

The Master designer, who determined ultimate sufficiency in Christ, resurrects his soul each time the effect of sin throws its deadly punch. Christ affirmed an experiential truth that in this world he will have many troubles but there is overcoming assurances in his divine placement in Christ. However prevalent sin and its ravaging nature is, he engages it with a level of preparedness, a resolution that guarantees faithful results. Satan’s victories are merely suppositions and impermanent. Christ’s affirmations are enduring, complete and victorious. Every so often he strains to the remote hill, Golgotha of hope, where blood flowed from death to life, blood from One but life for all. He finds solace with the redeemed, those whose identities were radically altered to describe its new location, whose immortality stands out as the new quest for divine inheritance. The will amended, his name added, he will inherit the incorruptible inheritance. He’s a recipient of the indescribable. Oh what awaits this soul that evens the brilliance of the human mind, singularly or collectively of all humanity, past, present and future cannot adequately describe! The immortal soul lives with an unquenchable expectancy that he will soon feel, touch and claim the most extraordinary life that God will ultimately transform in him. He will be perfect, even to supersede the original Adamic perfection for he will reign with deity in uninterrupted, unending, eternal, rule. (CJ, 20/10/2012)


Cedric John lives in Reservoir Hills, Durban South Africa. He is married with two children. Cedric is a graduate of the University of the North West where he completed his Honors degree in Theology. He is currently studying for the Master of Theology at the Baptist Theological College (BTC).  His areas of interest are contemporary theology and apologetics. Cedric is a bi-vocational pastor of the Reservoir Hills Bible Baptist Church in Durban. He is also employed by a national healthcare company where he serves as a Relationship Manager.

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