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Good News

bible-879073_640Last Friday the doctor’s office called to let me know the results of some tests I took earlier in the week. I was unavailable to take the call and when I did call, the office was closed. I had to wait until today (Monday) to get the results. Throughout the weekend, I kept thinking about ​the​ news I will be receiving.​ Last year I had some health challenges, including two kidney stone hospitalizations so I was concerned about the results.​

​This morning, when I called, the lady who answered said: “I have good news, for you, sir. Your results are all good.” I was so relieved. After I heard those words, my racing heart slowed down, my shaky voice cleared and I responded with several “thank yous”. I was very happy to announce these results to my wife.

As a believer in Christ, I cannot help but think about the biblical teaching of the good news of the gospel. In the New Testament the word group for good news appears 133 times. There’s euangelion (good news), euangelizo (proclaim good news), and euangelistes (one who proclaim​s​ good news).​ ​Since we learn that there’s a heraldic element to it, we must make this known to others. Some use this good news as a code of ethics or treat it as simply a divine rehabilitation program for the world. Though the good news grounds these, it has to be announced and must be understood that it is an accomplished and finished work of Christ. This will lead to individual and communal renewal.


​”​But when they believed Philip preaching the good news about the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were being baptized, men and women alike.​”
​ Acts 8:12

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