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WeWallaceSmithlcome to the International Conversations Website. We thank and congratulate Rodney Ragwan for the vision of gathering students and scholars from around the world to grapple with the pressing issues of the day. These are confusing and chaotic times. The conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the unspeakable destruction in Syria, and other parts of Africa are but a few examples. No portion of the world is immune from violence and terror. In addition, technological advances such as genetic engineering have put the very questions of life and death at center stage in every moral and ethical discussion. This website is an idea whose time has come. We hope you will read and digest these conversations, and perhaps make your own responses. Let us thank God for a resource that brings people together around the notion that knowledge is power.

                                        Dr.Wallace Charles Smith Wallace Charles Smith is the senior pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington DC.


I warmly commend this web site which has been organised by Rodney Ragwan. My own research is always enriched by the insights of the global Christian family and I trust you will find the opportunity to share in international conversations a rich addition to your own theological and biblical perspectives.

Dr. David Coffey Former President of the Baptist World Alliance