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About International Conversations

Internationalconversations.com was founded by Rodney Ragwan, a native of Durban, South Africa, currently living in Philadelphia, USA. Rodney has experience both in the church and the academy. This site was created to encourage pastors, seminarians, and scholars to share their perspectives on issues facing the Christian Faith and the church. The vast majority of us can make the assertion that historical Christianity is the starting point for any conversation about the Christian faith. We can also all agree that times have changed and that the Christian faith is faced with many challenges in the areas of leadership, worship, women in ministry, violence vs. nonviolence, etc. The Christian faith is also finding itself surrounded more than ever before by other religious faiths. The question is: How do we approach these challenges and turn them into opportunities for constructive conversations that will, hopefully, lead to us being good listeners and good conversation partners? In our attempt to engage in conversation, can we examine some of the traditional answers that historical Christianity has provided over the two centuries to the new and emerging questions of the 21st Century?